2019 was a turning point for CruiseMaine. After more than a year of laying the groundwork from our new position within the Maine Office of Tourism, we emerged with a new logo and look for the coalition, culminating with the launch of our new website: CruiseMaine.org

We also released the results of our first ever statewide study of cruise ship visitors, which examined the behavior, attitudes and spending of both passengers and crew across Maine’s nine cruise communities during the 2018 season. This research establishes important benchmarks for these data points and will allow us to measure the success of any future marketing or destination development initiatives. (See the full report from research firm DPA here).  

We are pleased to share this inaugural Annual Report for the “new” CruiseMaine, which highlights many of our key research findings and features video profiles of some of the many Mainers who go the extra mile to show our cruise visitors a warm welcome.


At the start of the 2019 season, we had 430 calls scheduled and were expecting 466,000 passengers. Due primarily to weather conditions, we had our standard 5% of ships cancel.   


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The US Coast Guard inspects every cruise ship at least once/quarter, making them the most inspected vessels operating in US waters



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“We had such a great time in Bar Harbor, just walking around & seeing the shops. We would absolutely go back here and spend more time.”


—Cruise Passenger: Regal Princess

SHIP VISITS 2009-2019


Research provided by DPA. For the full report, including details on methodology, click here

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The Passenger Vessel Services Act requires that foreign-flagged cruise ships carrying passengers must make at least one call in a foreign port before returning to the US. Since we are so close to Canada, nearly all itineraries that include Maine also include at least one call in a Canadian port. This requirement has led to a close regional collaboration with our friends to the north, as well as our neighbors in New York and Boston, where most of our visiting ships originate. The Cruise Canada New England alliance is the result of this decades-long collaboration. 



of cruisers rate Maine’s ports as excellent or very good at providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere

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Maine Ports


​rate Maine’s ports as excellent or very good at providing good service in shops and restaurants


​rate Maine’s ports as excellent or very good in terms of providing natural beauty

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MSC Meraviglia


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Emission Control Areas, or ECAs, were introduced in 2010 by the International Maritime Organization as a way to reduce emissions of key air pollutants in designated sea areas. The North American ECA officially went into effect on March 26, 2010. The first-phase fuel sulfur standard began in 2012, the second phase began in 2015, and the third in 2020. Stringent NOx engine standards began in 2016.​

In 2018, CruiseMaine partnered with Cruise Lines International Association to showcase 10 Mainers whose vocation or livelihood depends in some way on cruise tourism.