Consisting entirely of islands, the City of Eastport is the easternmost city in the United States. Eastport embodies Maine at its most natural, most serene, and most welcoming. Surrounded by the Passamaquoddy Bay, Eastport is known as the city where the sun first rises.


Once the largest trading port on the eastern seaboard, Eastport offers a glimpse into industries that shaped the economic prosperity of the country in the 19th and early 20th centuries, including shipbuilding, sardine canning, and even pearlessence--a common ingredient in cosmetics. Fast forward to today and the spirit of Eastport’s industriousness lives on, in lobstering, salmon farming and an ongoing effort to harness the tremendous power of its 24-foot tides. Cruisers will enjoy easy access to the historic waterfront and walkable downtown area, with over 28 Victorian era buildings on the National Register of Historic Places! This small city is now home to unique galleries, artisan shops, and fresh local seafood restaurants all paying tribute to Eastport’s distinct place in Maine’s history


  • Eastport is home to Old Sow, the largest natural whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere.


  • Raye’s Mustard Mill and Museum. Quaint and authentic, winner of numerous awards, it is the
    only remaining traditional stone-ground mustard mill in North America.

  • Visit the Fort Sullivan and  Barracks Museum and learn how Eastport was one of only 3 US cities
    seized and held by a foreign power. From 1814 – 1818 Eastport was occupied by the British
    during the war of 1812 and granted back to the United States in 1818 by the Treaty of Ghent.


Chris Brown

Cruise Ship Operations, Eastport Port Authority



Chris Gardner

Port Director, Eastport Port Authority and Chamber of Commerce