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CruiseMaine's New Look!

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Since CruiseMaine changed hands in the summer of 2017, the organization has seen a number of changes. Most notably, CruiseMaine is now housed under the Maine Office of Tourism – joining an expansive network of local businesses and tourism groups that work together to not only market the state and attract more visitors, but actively engage with locals to maintain the sustainability of the tourism industry in Maine.

CruiseMaine strives to be a resource for port communities to help them maximize the economic benefits of cruise ship tourism. The organization facilitates unique opportunities for Maine businesses to connect with the cruise industry and learn how they can help visitors from all over the world feel welcomed and have an authentic Maine experience.

With this new mission in mind, we wanted to give CruiseMaine a rebrand that reflects the deep appreciation we have for our state and its natural beauty. We chose a nautical color palette of deep ocean blue, misty green, sandy beige, with an accented pop of red that reflects the old brick buildings seen in so many of our port communities.

While developing the new logo, we knew we wanted to represent the destination above all else. We played with shapes that are unique to our bays, such as the Casco Bay buoy before landing on the island landscape within the badge. It is a familiar scene to anyone who has been out on Maine’s waters. You may notice the text of the logo is the same as the Maine Office of Tourism – representing our close connection to our partner organization.

With these new branding elements in place we are so excited to announce the launch of our new website! Check it out at

- Nicole Laplante


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