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Decarbonization through Shoreside Power

Could visiting cruise ships plug into shoreside power in Portland and power down their engines while in port?


The One Climate Future plan of Portland and South Portland calls for a study to find out.

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Primary Components

Commission engineering study of shore power requirements.

Work with PUC, Central Maine Power, and Port to install shore power for cruise ships. 

Work with Casco Bay Lines to install shore power for ferries. 

Advancing a Future that is
Regenerative + Resilient

Restores Ecosystems

Draws Down Carbon 

Reduces Vulnerability — from Localized Air Pollution 

Key Milestone:
Shore Power for Cruise Ships Installed by 2040

In 2023, CruiseMaine partnered with the City of Portland to complete the first phase of this work by commissioning Central Maine Power to conduct a transmission feasibility study.  


Visited Portland in 2023

They were in Port for an Average of


That's Nearly

1,000 HOURS

of running onboard generators to power the lights, HVAC systems, elevators and galleys

Cruise ships docked in Portland generate

4,000 TONS

 of greenhouse gas emissions

Which is Equivalent to


of Portland’s citywide emissions

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Depending on the local grid’s mix of energy sources (i.e., how much of the electricity comes from renewables), shore power can reduce pollution emissions by up to 98%.

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