Introducing Expedition Cruising
Small Ships. Big Experiences. 

We are excited to announce that Expedition Cruising, long popular in destinations like Alaska and the Galapagos Islands, will be coming to Maine in 2022.

What is expedition cruising?

Expedition cruising is different from more traditional cruise travel, in that the ships are typically much smaller (appx 50-150 people on board); they tend to visit more remote places with less fixed infrastructure; and in many cases, they emphasize close encounters with nature and wildlife, all with the guidance of trained expedition staff. 


Smaller Ships

What if an expedition ship is visiting a popular destination? 

Expedition cruising can provide a new lens on even the most well-traveled destinations. Focusing on two or three experiences more deeply can leave you with a better sense of a place than if you visit its top ten attractions.


To authentically experience people, culture and nature


To take the “uncharted course”

What is an expedition cruiser looking for?


Surprise, unpredictability and solitude


To feel more like participants, less like spectators


Landscapes, wildlife and a sense of a shared planet

Why is expedition cruising a good fit for Maine? 

The wild, rugged coast of Maine is the perfect environment to ensure cruisers return from their journey rejuvenated, with every sense awakened.

Schooner Head, Acadia National Park Panorama1 (1).jpg